Advanced Nutrition Oats & Roots

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Green Kale & Apples and OhMyMegaVeggie! fruit and veggie pouch

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This flavor is rooted in some of our favorite veggies - carrots and beets - blended with hearty oats, sweet apple, and tangy ginger to satisfy your little one's palate.  Proud recipient of The Clean Label Project Purity Award and the first products to receive The Clean Label Project's NEW First 1,000 Day Promise, making us best-in-class in the category.

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Organic Sweet Potato

Vitamin A for eye development. Vitamin C for Immunity.

Organic Apple

Vitamin C for immunity. Prebiotic fiber source for digestion and to boost beneficial gut bacteria.

Organic Coconut Milk

Known to contain Lauric Acid. Fats for brain development and vitamin absorption.

Probiotic Culture Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30

Aids in immune function by boosting beneficial gut bacteria.

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