Where to Find Us In Store

Where to Find Us In-Store

So, you're looking for Once Upon a Farm for your babies or kids, but you've never seen us in the store before. Where should you look? We might be in one of a few different places—depending on the store you're in.

Fridge. Freezer. Baby & Toddler Aisle.

Once Upon a Farm by kids yogurt.

By Kids' Yogurt

This is where our pouches and bars will be in most grocery and retail stores like Kroger and Publix, plus club stores like Costco and BJs. Look for us near the kids' yogurts! We might be adjacent to the dairy products, with the non-dairy or healthy snacking options.

Once Upon a Farm in the produce section.

In the Produce Section

Farm-fresh snacks are right at home next to farm-fresh fruits and veggies. Look for our pouches an bars with the refrigerated snacks, next to fresh cut fruit and other plant-based packaged goods or with the refrigerated produce in retailers like Target and Walmart.

Once Upon a Farm in the baby aisle.

In the Baby Aisle

You'll find Once Upon a Farm in baby aisle refrigerators in an increasing number of stores and locations like Walmart, Wegmans, and Stop & Shop. And now, you can also find our Fruit & Veggie Puffs, Coconut Melts, and Toddler Bars on the shelf in select stores.

Once Upon a Farm in the freezer aisle

In the Freezer

Our freshly frozen Plant-Rich Meals are available in Whole Foods and Sprouts nationwide plus select Target locations.

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