Clean Label Project Certified

We’re setting a new standard of purity and our commitment to quality has been validated by the independent, third-party expert, Clean Label Project.

What is Clean Label Project?

The Clean Label Project is a national nonprofit with the mission to bring truth and transparency to consumer product labeling. They buy products —just like you—online or at a retail chain and test them to establish evidence-based benchmarks to identify the very best products in any given category.

Our Awards

We are proud to have been awarded the Clean Label Purity Award. After rigorous, independent testing of our products for over 400 different contaminants including heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and other toxins, Clean Label Project has determined that we meet their highest purity standard.

While certified organic goes a long way to reduce the chemical load used in agriculture, birds, bees, water, and wind can be the cause for contamination of organic farmland. Our Pesticide Free Certification recognizes us as a brand who’s going above and beyond to eliminate the presence of pesticides in our finished products.

Some of Our Clean Label Certified Products

The Once Upon a Farm Difference

What we keep out of our recipes is just as important as what we put in!

Always Organic

Whole Ingredients




No Added Sugar



No Preservatives

Nothing Artificial


From Our Farm to Your Fridge

Cold from start to finish with no added sugar‡ or concentrates. Our cold-pressed blends are nutritious, clean, safe, utterly delicious, and made with ingredients you can pronounce.

Our Work Doesn’t Stop Here

Being awarded the Clean Label Purity Award and Pesticide Free Certification doesn’t surprise us, but it does validate the extraordinary lengths we go to keep your little ones safe. Our work won’t stop here. We will continue to rigorously test and go the extra mile with the hope that together we can raise the standards by which all baby food and kids snacks are made.