Baby’s First Bites

Whether you’re starting solids or eager to expand your little one’s palate, our cold-pressed baby food pouches and ready-to-cook meal recipes are the perfect place to begin.

Plant-Rich Meals

NEW! Finger-friendly & nutrition-packed meals—ready in minutes. Flexible for any stage starting at 6 months. Purée, mash, or serve as finger food!




Single & Double Ingredient Blends

Start simple with our one-or-two organically farmed ingredient blends.

Multi-Ingredient Blends

Complex recipes featuring unique ingredients and fats to expand your little one's palate.

Functional Blends

Intricate recipes and nutrient combinations that support key needs in baby development.

Strong Start for Baby

Healthy Foundation

We help create confident eaters by offering different ways to introduce solids at every stage.

Ingredients You Trust

All of our products are made with fresh, nutritious ingredients that you can pronounce.

Tasty Variety

Introducing a multitude of flavors & textures from an early age will help prevent picky eating!

Nutritionist-Recommended for Healthy Development & Self-Feeding

Illustration of baby eating

Learn to Taste

Expand their palate with new flavors, textures, & combinations
Illustration of baby grabbing solid food

Learn to Grab

Practice fine motor skills (playing with food encouraged)
Illustration of baby feeling full

Learn to Feel Full

Help your little one listen to their body’s hunger cues

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In-Store Only: Baby Food Bowls

Made with whole fruits and vegetables, our bowl recipes are also cold-pressure protected to lock in farm-fresh nutrients, flavors, and textures. Our baby food bowls meet the federal requirements for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC™) eligibility (7 CFR section 246.1). Please check eligibility of these products with your state agency / WIC™ program.