Soft Baked Bars for Kids

Soft Baked Bars for Kids

Made with real fruit and veggie and fueled with 100% whole grain oats. They snack like a soft-baked cookie—but with no added sugar ‡. It's a win for both kids and parents!

Kid-Craved Flavors, Ingredients Parents Trust

We reimagined kid-favorite flavors with clean, nutrient-packed ingredients. The soft, no-mess texture and irresistible oven-baked cookie taste will have your kids reaching for more.

Wholesome Snacks, Anytime

Fuel your kiddos' day, anytime. Soft Baked Bars are ideal for a balanced lunch, after-school snack, after-dinner treat, or whenever a wholesome and satisfying bite is needed.

Lunchbox Favorites

Fill your little ones' lunchbox with any combination of our grab-and-go bars! Choose from Refrigerated Oat Bars, Soft Baked Kid Bars, and Tractor Wheels Toddler Bars.


Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer, Jennifer Garner

A nutritious bar for kids, or a cookie that’s all grown up? I can’t decide, and you don’t have to either because snacks this good with no added sugar can always be both.

Organic Everything, Always

Every single ingredient we use is USDA-certified organic, meaning they’re grown without toxic and persistent pesticides, synthetics, or GMOs. By choosing organic, you are also supporting farmers and the planet. And organic is just the start! We test for 400+ contaminants—including heavy metals and pesticides—through our conscious partnership with the Clean Label Project.