Ras-Pear-y Kale Smart Blend

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Green Kale & Apples and OhMyMegaVeggie! fruit and veggie pouch

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Wise up to these brilliant blends made by the smartest people we know: certified experts in nutrition. Our Smart Blends unite the nutritional know-how of organic, farm-fresh fruits and veggies plus flax seeds in a convenient snack pouch that even picky eaters can’t resist. Then, we add natural sources of Omega 3s and choline--ingredients known to help support brain health.

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Organic Pear

Fiber for easy digestion. Vitamin C to boost the immune system.

Organic Raspberry

Fiber to aid in digestion. Vitamin C for immunity.

Organic Pumpkin Seed

Powerhouse packed seed with Zinc and Iron for sharp minds. Protein rich for growing bodies.

DHA Algal Oil

Omega 3s for brain development.

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