A2/A2 Whole Milk Shake Triple Berry

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Green Kale & Apples and OhMyMegaVeggie! fruit and veggie pouch

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We are shaking things up - combining fresh produce and A2/A2 organic milk to make a sippable sweet dairy treat—all without any added sugar‡ in a convenient snack pouch. We teamed up with the Alexandre Family Farm to create these indulgent-tasting A2/A2 Whole Milk Shakes made with pasture-raised dairy and our fave fruits and veggies to bring the best of both organic farms together in your fridge.

‡Not A Low Calorie Food.

Only the Best For Your Little Ones


Organic Apple

Vitamin C for immunity. Prebiotic fiber source for digestion and to boost beneficial gut bacteria.

Organic Strawberry

Vitamin C for immunity. Anti-oxidants to fight free radicals

Organic Blueberry

Vitamin C for immunity. Anti-oxidants to fight off free radicals.

Organic Raspberry

Fiber to aid in digestion. Vitamin C for immunity.

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