Wild Rumpus Avocado

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Green Kale & Apples and OhMyMegaVeggie! fruit and veggie pouch

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Somewhere in that elusive in-between of sneaking veggies into meals and kids craving kale for dessert are our signature Fruit & Veggie Blends. Farm-fresh produce and no added sugar‡ deliver, clean nutrition in a wide variety of colors, flavors and textures, all in easy and convenient pouch. So fresh, you’ll swear you harvested them yourself.

‡Not a low calorie food.

Only the Best For Your Little Ones


Organic Pineapple

Fiber for digestion. Vitamin C for immune system support.

Organic Banana

Prebiotic fiber source for digestion and to boost beneficial gut bacteria. Potassium for heart-y hearts and muscles.

Organic Avocado

Fats for vitamin absorption and brain health. B Vitamins for brain development.

Organic Mint

Helps with palate development. May aid digestion.

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