Introducing Our New Pasta Meals for Toddlers


Noodle on this: It’s nearing dinnertime and you’re exhausted, but you realize your freezer is stocked with organic, nutrient-packed, ready-to-cook meals, formulated specifically for your growing kiddo.

Introducing our new Once Upon a Farm Pasta Meals—organic wheat macaroni and creative combos of farm-fresh veggies and seasonings unite in full, finger-ready meals that are ready in minutes. As always, there’s no added sugar* or salt.**

We have three scrumptious flavors available: Pomodoro, Cauli-fredo & Spinach, and Butternut Squash & Sage. While the flavors and ingredients are similar to classic sauces you know and love, these pastas aren’t actually saucy. That’s because, like our other Plant-Rich Meals, we want your little ones to have the opportunity to see, feel, and taste the individual ingredients as they develop their palates and preferences.

Why is this so important? As Board-certified pediatrician Joana Fraser, MD explains, “Providing a variety of convenient, wholesome, and appealing foods from an early age makes it so much easier for parents to help promote palate development, reduce picky eating, and encourage overall health and well-being in their kids."

Flash-frozen to lock in nutrients and flavors, the Pasta Meals require no prep work. Simply heat up via stovetop or microwave, then serve (follow directions on packaging). Recommended for 12+ months, our meals are perfect for self-feeding and silverware practice.

These filling organic blends of tender macaroni, ripe veggies, and elevated seasonings go from farm to freezer to hand to mouth faster than you can say, “Let’s eat!” Here’s to less stress at dinnertime, and more empty plates and full bellies!

Add some to your next customizable meals subscription box!


*Not a low-calorie food.
**Not a sodium-free food.

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