Your Baby Food Care Team: Which Experts to Turn to and When


Starting solids is an exciting, albeit stressful, time. You have so many questions, and almost too many places and people to go to for answers. So, what are the right sources? Let’s figure out who to go to for which questions, and start building your rolodex of trusted resources, together!


Always a good place to start, your pediatrician can provide feeding guidance driven by data. They will advise you on when to start introducing solids, as well as basic guidance on the types of foods (including allergens) to feed your child, and at what cadence.

Meet Our Pediatrician Experts: Krupa Playforth, MD and Joana Fraser, MD

Registered Dietitian

For more in-depth advice on the kinds of foods to offer your baby, a Registered Dietitian is an incredible resource. They will help ensure your child is getting the proper nutrition from their solids, and they can provide examples of meals to offer (this is a HUGE help). Additionally, they are able to provide support tailored to the various stages of development your child may be in.

Meet Our Registered Dietitian Expert: Kacie Barnes, MCN, RDN, LD

Occupational Therapist

If you encounter feeding issues, seek the guidance of an Occupational Therapist. They have the skills to help assess and treat the issues your child may be experiencing, including difficulty eating, swallowing, or self-feeding. These individuals work with both the child and parent, and can provide support through the various stages of development.

Meet Our Occupational Therapist Expert: Liz Finnerty, MA, OTRL

Your Trusted Brands

If you have questions regarding the specific foods you are feeding your child, you can contact the support teams for your chosen brands. For example, the Once Upon a Farm Care Team is happy to answer any questions and address any concerns specific to our products—and offer guidance, as needed.

Your Network

When in doubt, phone a (parent) friend. One of the best ways to gut check yourself is to go to the people who know you best, and who have been through/are actively going through the process of parenting a young child. If you need words of encouragement, or just a sanity check at 10 p.m., call your friend, then get some sleep.

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You have done the research, you have saved the numbers, you know who to call and for which reason—now sit back and remind yourself: you know your child best, and you’re doing a great job being their parent.