10 Tips for Traveling With Kids and Babies


Traveling with the fam is a lot. You plan, you pack, you go, go, go—then, you keep going. To (hopefully) give you a well-deserved break, we’ve made a list of top travel tips, from getting there to being there.

Getting There

1. Make a List

Before you even start packing, stop. Make a list. Maybe you organize it by family member or maybe by category (think clothes, toys, snacks, etc.). Seeing everything in one place will help you stay organized when you begin the extreme sport that is packing your family for a trip. And it feels really good to add a little checkmark once you’ve put their favorite books in the bag.

2. Charge Your Electronics

If your little one is doing screens, you’ll want to make sure the iPad, tablet, etc. is FULLY charged and that you’ve downloaded all the content that would otherwise require good WiFi (movies, shows, etc.). The last thing you want is to hand your toddler an iPad with 2% battery, or try to play an un-downloaded episode of their favorite show. You’ve been warned.

3. Pack Snacks

Pack portable foods that will be easy for your kids to eat on the road/in the air. Our pouches are perfect for on the go and can easily be taken through TSA. Simply designate your pouches as baby food and put them in a separate bin as you move through airport security. We also recommend using our custom Pouch Coolers. And our Refrigerated Oat Bars make great travel snacks, too. These can be left out of the fridge for up to a week!

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