How to Modify Your O'Farm Subscription


Looking to cancel your O'Farm subscription? Here's how.

How To Modify or Cancel Your Subscription: 

  • Start by logging in to your online customer portal. To do so, click on the icon in the top right corner that is shaped like a person or log in here. If you receive a message that your email is not recognized, please contact and we'll provide you with an account activation link.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page on the first screen that appears
    a. The page headers are Your Account > Order History and Manage My Subscriptions

  • Click "Manage My Subscriptions"

  • Your subscription(s) will appear

  • Click "Manage" on the subscription you would like to update/modify

  • Your subscription will appear with options to skip, edit, pause, or cancel

  • To cancel, scroll to the bottom and click, "Cancel subscription". This will cancel all future orders as of that date/time.

  • Select your reason for cancelation.

  • Click "Continue" to process cancelation or view other options.

  • Click "Confirm Cancelation"

Please note: Orders charge after midnight on the morning of the charge date. Any changes made will be effective on the following order, not a recently charged order.

We’re sad to see you go! If you change your mind and want organic snacks & meals delivered straight to your door, it’s easy to reactivate anytime.

If you have any questions about your subscription, reach out to our Customer Care team at