5 Tips for Traveling with Once Upon a Farm Pouches


Traveling with little ones requires a bit of planning—okay, a lot of planning. Like so many of us, you’ve likely found yourself up the night before a trip, surrounded by half-packed suitcases, piles of books and toys, and a head full of must-not-forget-to-pack snacks. With so much to coordinate, we put together some tips for traveling with Once Upon a Farm—to help relieve some of the inevitable stress and keep bellies full.

1. Flying With Pouches Is TSA Approved

While we’re all well versed in TSA liquid restrictions, these rules do NOT apply to baby/toddler food & beverages, including purée pouches. They are deemed medically necessary. Inform the TSA offer ahead of screening and remove the items to be screened separately. (Note: they may be tested.) Although a potential hassle, it’s well worth the effort when your kiddo is well-behaved on the plane because they are enjoying a pouch.

2. Our Trick to Keep Your Pouches Cool

For trips longer than 4 hours (the amount of time our pouches can be out of the fridge), we recommend using our custom Pouch Cooler (like this one or this one). These can be taken on the road, in the sky, wherever you need to keep your pouches cooler for longer stretches.

3. Stock Up While Out of Town

When your little one has gone through all those packed pouches, it’s time to stock up. Luckily, Once Upon a Farm is sold at stores across the US. To find your closest retailer, just use our handy-dandy store locator.

4. Bring a Cooler for Road Tripping With Pouches

If you’re setting out for a lengthy road trip and don’t have a Pouch Cooler (or three) on hand, you can easily pop the pouches in a cooler in the trunk—or someplace more readily accessible (in case an urgent snack need arises).

5. Keep Your Subscription Current

A surefire way to ensure you’re fully stocked up on pouches is to update your subscription to the address where you’ll be staying. If this isn’t possible, it’s super simple to pause your subscription for the length of your trip.

Hopefully these tips help ease the load a bit—even with that entire extra bag full of pouches!

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