Starting Solids Checklist: Everything You’ll Need, From High Chair to Dishware


You’re ready to start solids—well, your baby is. So, what exactly do you need to support them? We compiled a list of everything to help start your little one on this exciting journey!

1. High Chair (or Similar Secure Feeding Seat for Babies)

If your baby is ready to start solids, it means they’re sitting up on their own.* For eating, you’ll need a comfortable high chair to seat them—ideally one with a removable tray. To save space, you could also get a chair that attaches to your counter.

*Here are some signs your baby is ready for solid foods; please check with your child’s pediatrician if you have any questions/concerns!

2. Placemat

Things will get messy. If your highchair has a removable tray, you’ll be able to wash it off easily. If the chair is one you push up to your dining table—or one that attaches to your counter—you’ll want to get a placemat to catch as many spills as possible.

3. Floor Mat

For those messes that spill over onto the floor (and they will spill over), you can get a floor mat. Waterproof and washable, these mats are a great way to maintain a little control in all the chaos of starting solids.

4. Dishes & Utensils

You may opt to offer solids right on the tray or table, or you may use dishes. If you take the latter route, you’ll want to invest in durable dishes that can (and will) fall on the floor. Dishes with suction are a great option. Once you introduce utensils, similarly you’ll want to get durable, baby-friendly ones.

5. Baby Food

Of course, you’ll need a plan for what foods to offer, and when. Consider whether you’ll make your own food or buy ready-made options, ease in with purées or give baby-led weaning a try, stick with one brand or mix and match a few different brands. Whatever works best for your family!

If you’re choosing Once Upon a Farm to start this journey, we have options for every stage: simple-ingredient purées for curious eaters, creative blends for exploring flavors and textures, and ready-to-cook finger foods for adventuring into self-feeding. Learn more: Your Guide to Starting Solids With Once Upon a Farm

6. Trusted Resources

As always, your baby food care team will be crucial—providing guidance and support as you navigate this messy (and exciting) journey. From your baby’s pediatrician to your seasoned parent friends, make a note of who to turn to when questions inevitably arise.

Ready-to-Eat and Ready-to-Cook Baby Food