Once Upon a Farm x Little Sleepies

Better Nutrition for a Better Night's Sleep

Research suggests nutrition and sleep go hand in hand when it comes to your child's health. Check out our cozy pajamas, nutrient-packed blends, and expert tips to help your little one get the most out of their rest.

Sleepwear that Gives Back with Little Sleepies

Snuggle up in jammies, blankets, loveys and more in this vibrant print of our yummy fruits, veggies and O’Farm friends. Plus, for every purchase in this collection, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to support our Save the Children x A Million Meals program.

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The O'Farm Standards

✔️ We take sourcing seriously.
✔️ We believe clean is more than heavy metal testing.
✔️ We intentionally craft every recipe with your little one in mind.
✔️ We know the importance of first bites.
✔️ We will provide A Million Meals to kids in need.
✔️ We aspire to drive daily improvements in childhood nutrition.

A Pouch Cooler to Match Your PJs

Whether you’re just waking up or getting ready for bed, a cold pouch is key when it comes to enjoying farm-fresh nutrition on the go. Freeze overnight, slip your pouch into the cooler, and enjoy!

Eat Right, Sleep Tight

Shop our limited edition variety pack of delicious farm-fresh blends curated with a good night sleep in mind. For every variety pack purchased, we're donating 5 meals to children in need via our A Million Meals program.

Kacie Barnes, MCN, RDN, LD

“While nutrition definitely isn’t the biggest determinant of how well toddlers sleep, certain foods can absolutely be used as tools to prepare their bodies for a good night’s rest.”

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