Printable Bedtime Routine Checklist for Kids


Bedtime routines help us maintain healthy habits and promote better sleep, but they can be hard to establish and keep up with—especially for kids. So why not make getting ready for bed a little more fun, all while helping ensure nothing gets missed!

A printable bedtime routine chart is a great way to keep kids engaged and help teach personal responsibility—and stickers make it all the more fun!

Free Bedtime Routine Checklist PDF Download

See below for printing and usage instructions!

printable bedtime routine checklist for kids

Printing & Usage Instructions:

  1. Click this link to download PDF file.
  2. Print the file in landscape mode as a full-color page
  3. Write in any additional routine steps, and let your child add stickers each night as they complete their routine

Optional: Laminate the chart and use a dry-erase marker to repurpose the same chart week after week!