What Is High-Pressure Processing (HPP)?


When it comes to feeding our little ones, we always want the best, freshest, and most nutritious foods available. That’s why we use a revolutionary food preservation method known as high-pressure processing (HPP) to do just that. From our farm-fresh ingredients to our unique, cold-pressure process, our baby food blends are as close to homemade as it gets (without making it yourself)! So, what exactly is HPP, and how does HPP baby food compare to shelf-stable options? Let’s explore.

High-Pressure Processing (HPP) vs. Shelf-Stable Baby Food

Our HPP process involves placing packaged food within a high-pressure chamber filled with cold water to which pressure is applied. What makes this method truly incredible is that the immense pressure (5.52x the deepest part of the ocean!) moves through the packaging into the food itself for a certain amount of time to kill vegetative pathogenic and spoilage bacteria. The pressure interferes with the bonds in the cells of the bacteria while leaving the precious nutrients, taste, and texture of farm-fresh ingredients unscathed.

In contrast to this approach, shelf-stable baby food typically undergoes high-heat pasteurization. This intense heat, while effectively extending shelf life, can have some unintended consequences. It may lead to the degradation of nutrients, alter the taste, and impact color and texture.

The Benefits of HPP

Nutrient Preservation: HPP—and the absence of high-temperature pressurization—allows us to maintain key phytonutrients that are important for palate development and food preferences later on in life.

Extended (Refrigerated) Shelf Life: While fresh, homemade baby food can only be safely stored for a matter of days in the fridge, HPP allows for an extended life in the refrigerator (about 6 months from production) without the use of preservatives.

Fresh Taste and Texture: HPP-treated baby food often has a fresh taste and texture that's closer to homemade. The absence of heat helps maintain the original flavors and textures of the ingredients.

Safety First: HPP is a safe and effective method for reducing potentially harmful pathogens in baby food.

Overall, HPP is a game-changer in the world of baby food, offering a fresh, nutritious alternative to traditional processing methods. While shelf-stable baby food certainly has its place, HPP stands out for its ability to maintain a taste and texture that’s closer to homemade. Ready to stock up? Shop our cold-pressed blends here!

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