Why Frozen Baby Food Is a Great Option


When you think of healthy, nutritious foods, you might first think of the produce section, filled with fresh, whole fruits and vegetables. You probably don’t first think of the frozen varieties—but maybe you should! And when it comes to baby food, frozen is a great option for many reasons, including one that may surprise you!

Just as Nutritious as Fresh

As Cinthia Scott, RD, CLC ( tells us, “Most, if not all, frozen foods are frozen at their peak ripeness which means nutritionally they are just as good, if not more nutritious than, fresh versions!” And the research supports this—a 2015 study that analyzed the difference between fresh and frozen produce showed, “vitamin content of the frozen commodities was comparable to and occasionally higher than that of their fresh counterparts.” Essentially, freezing the food locks in the nutrients.

Highly Convenient

Frozen baby food is a quick and easy way to offer a healthy meal to our little ones. In terms of how to prepare frozen baby food, it’s a breeze! As Registered Dietitian Nicole Lattanzio (@infant.nutritionistsays, “Often frozen meals can be prepared right out of the freezer. I do typically recommend cooking on the stovetop rather than microwave in order to cook more evenly and prevent hot spots.” For food safety, it is important to follow the preparation directions.

Always in Season

With frozen baby food, your kiddo’s never going to get bored. That’s because frozen means access to a wide variety of ingredients, including fruits and veggies that may not be in season. And when you have a kid who can’t function without squash or peaches, that’s incredibly helpful!

Exciting Blends

Created for babies 6+ months, Once Upon a Farm’s frozen Plant-Rich Meals are nutritionally-rich, tasty combinations that expose your little one to a range of ingredients in one sitting. This exposure to a variety of foods helps your kiddo avoid picky eating habits.

No Real Downside!

The experts agree: there’s no downside! Scott says, “As long as they are kept frozen per instructions and eaten by the expiration date, as a dietitian I don’t believe there are any drawbacks to serving frozen baby food.” Similarly, Lattanzio says, “There aren’t really drawbacks to freezing foods from a nutrition standpoint.”


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