Meet Our New Whole Milk Smoothies


When we introduced organic dairy as a new ingredient to our portfolio in January 2024, the excitement was palpable. It was clear that you all had been waiting for snacks made with organic dairy and—most importantly—no added sugar‡ because fruits and veggies taste great enough on their own!

We’re happy to share that we’re adding even more variety to our dairy lineup with the introduction of our Whole Milk Smoothies. Real fruits & veggies, no added sugar‡, and organic grass-fed whole milk blend beautifully in three creamy, delicious “smoothie shop” flavors kids will love and parents can feel good about.

O’Farm expert, Nicole Lattanzio, RD, CSP, IBCLC is “OBSESSED!” with them. “My kids are huge smoothie fans and these are super convenient for on the go and well-balanced,” she says. “I love that they contain whole milk (yay for fat!) along with fruits and veggies. They offer the perfect level of sweetness for little ones.”

Whole Milk Smoothies - Flavors and Availability

We made sure to switch things up with some fun flavor combos for this new line. Here’s where to find each smoothie flavor:

  • Banana Blueberry Blast - Available on our website, in Sprouts stores, and at Kroger
  • Orange Squeeze - Available on our website and in Sprouts stores
  • Mango Pear-adise - Available exclusively at Kroger and the Kroger family of companies

Why We Made These:

We recognize that every child and family has unique dietary needs and preferences. For some, that means being able to choose dairy-free options, which we’ve been able to—and will continue to—offer plenty of. While for others, those needs and preferences include dairy. We’re proud to be able to meet those needs now, with snacks made to our high standards.

“Say goodbye to smoothies with added sugar, artificial flavors, and long lists of ingredients you can’t pronounce. Say hello to simple, delicious, and nutritious. Our cold-pressed Whole Milk Smoothies offer the same quality nutrition and unparalleled taste as our Dairy-Free Smoothies with an irresistible creamy texture that your kiddos will love.”
—Cassandra Curtis, Once Upon a Farm Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Organic, grass-fed whole milk—which is shown to be slightly higher in naturally occurring omega-3 fatty acids than non-grass-fed dairy—really brings the taste and texture of these smoothies to a whole other level. Prepare to slurp these down right alongside your kiddos!


‡Not a low-calorie food.

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