Sweet Potato, Banana, Oats & Date | Sweet Potato Crumble

Available $4.69-$4.99/Meal
Quinoa, Banana, Spinach & Coconut butter meal and Sweet Potato, Mango, and Coconut meal

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A fresh take on morning meals for babies and toddlers: bright and bountiful blends of whole grain oats, farm-fresh fruits and veggies and nutritionist-selected ingredients that all ages and stages will reach for.

Comforting cinnamon, wholesome oats and cubed sweet potatoes mix and mingle with melt-in-your-mouth banana slices in this sweet (but not too sweet) blend that basically tastes like home with a side of vacation.

This product is undergoing a packaging change. Packaging may vary.

Only the Best For Your Little Ones


Organic Sweet Potato

Vitamin A for eye development. Vitamin C for Immunity.

Organic Banana

Prebiotic fiber source for digestion and to boost beneficial gut bacteria. Potassium for heart-y hearts and muscles.

Organic Oats

Fiber for easy digestion. Calcium for healthy bones.

Organic Date

Fiber for easy digestion. Iron for brain development.

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