Freshly-Frozen Meals for Babies & Toddlers


Organic Meals
for Babies & Toddlers

Ready-to-cook combos of pre-cut fruits and veggies, hearty grains, oats and pastas perfect for self-feeding. The new way for you (busy parents!) to feed your growing eaters.

Convenience Without Compromise

With flexible, ready-to-cook options for stages starting at 6 months (Veggies, Legumes, Grains, and Oats) and 12 months (Pasta), our meals help take the stress out of feeding your little one.

✔️ 45+ unique plant-based ingredients for variety and taste exploration
✔️ Flash-frozen to lock in nutrients and farm-fresh taste
✔️ Ready in minutes, no peeling or chopping necessary
✔️ Perfectly portioned for little hands and bellies
✔️ Simple for self-feeding & silverware practice

Where Good Eaters Grow

Introduce your little one to the great big world of plant-based foods and transform picky eaters into confident self-feeders! Choose from a selection of wholesome meals crafted from five primary ingredient categories — Veggies, Legumes, Grains, Oats, and our latest, Pasta.

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Choose from our endless variety of nutrition-packed recipes and switch it up before every delivery.

✔️16 meals per order — $4.99 per meal
✔️24 meals per order — $4.69 per meal

Backed By A Pediatrician Mom

"Kids (and parents) can often get stuck in a rut eating the same foods. Providing a variety of convenient, wholesome and appealing foods from an early age makes it so much easier for parents to help promote palate development, reduce picky eating and encourage overall health and well-being in their kids."

- Dr. Joana Fraser, Pediatrician & Mom of 3

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