Once Upon a Farm is as close to a storybook workplace as you’ll find anywhere. We foster an entrepreneurial culture that values humility, honesty, passion, positive social impact and fun.

Once Upon a Farm is as close to a storybook workplace as you’ll find anywhere. We foster an entrepreneurial culture that values humility, honesty, passion, positive social impact and fun.

Meet the Farm Family

His mother may or may not have put an actual bowl on top of his head to give him haircuts as a child.

John Foraker

Co-Founder & CEO

She grew up in West Virginia – the middle of 3 girls!

Jennifer Garner

Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer

People used to call her the Buddha baby.

Cassandra Curtis

Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

His parents bought him superman PJs & they were all he wanted to wear all day every day for the next year.

Ari Raz

Co-Founder & President

Jane Ablaza

She and her sisters formed a singing group, Jaze, when they were younger with their dad as their manager.

Jane Ablaza

Marketing Communications Manager

He grew up on American cartoons and cookies. Now, he is living his American Dream.

Alexey Agapov

Marketing & Sales Intern

She was named after a song, but sadly her singing voice is not so sweet.

Amy Burgess

Digital Marketing Manager

As a baby, her super power was throwing up on people she didn’t like (they never wanted to hold her again)!

Robyn DeFina

VP of Brand Marketing

Born with an innate love for animals… followed by an acquired love for the cordless Dyson V8.

Andrea Dughman

Data Entry Specialist

Her parents couldn’t understand a word she said until she was 4 & are still in awe she’s VP of Communications.

Keely Fadrhonc

VP of Marketing Communications

Christina Gallo Sales Manager

She loves her red nose pitbull, Mia!

Christina Gallo

Sales Manager

Lee Hill

Had a passion for reading from a very young age & started ordering Disney books through the mail at age 5!

Lee Hill

Consumer Relations Manager

Marcie Hsia

Director of Supply Chain Planning


He used to think Peter Pan was cool because he could fly, but realized Super Man is better.

Marcus Huynh

Head of Ecommerce

He’s a twin and also shares a birthday with his dad.

Ryan Johnson

Customer Fulfillment & Supply Chain Manager

She was known for clearing the living room table to jump on it and sing In the Heat of the Night.

Katie Kennedy

Shipping Manager

She loved cheese curlz as a kid and now prefers artisan cheese.

Danielle King

Director of Trade Marketing

Grew up in a house that valued Natural/Organic & her family shopped at the flagship Whole Foods in Austin!

Alyssa Koestner

Regional Sales Manager


Had to go on nightly car rides to fall asleep, but now she can hardly stay up past 10pm!

Nicole MacNeill

Brand Manager

Her childhood dream was to be April O’Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – she dressed in yellow from head to toe for weeks!

Gigi McAward

Regional Sales Manager

He was named after Nolan Ryan but only got a small fraction of his baseball skills.

Ryan Melvin

Documentation Specialist


You can see her perform out on court with the Golden State Warriors NBA Dance Team!

Lauren Morse

Sales Planning Manager

Youngest of 3 & on a lifelong journey to discover, “at what age will my family stop referring to me as Baby?”

Michelle Potter

Regional Sales Manager

Moved to San Francisco from Atlanta after graduation with just a backpack & has never looked back!

Susan Reeves

Director of Materials Planning

Miguel Santos

He got his mid-century modern mania VERY early.

Miguel Santos

Director, Food Safety and Quality Assurance

Finished 2nd in a Baby Crawling Competition & has had a chip on his shoulder ever since.

Jeff Schafer

Regional Sales Manager

Like this backdrop, she enjoys long hikes through the woods & has also secured a more qualified hairdresser.

Devon Steinberg

Shopper Marketing Coordinator

Her favorite book as a child was Cinderella, but she’s the singlest 40-year-old gal on the planet.

Mindy Tawzer

Business Operations Manager

“There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” was her favorite book & she once swallowed a fly while reading it.

Susan Tran

Outsource Accounting Manager

She was a total tomboy & climbed every tree available. Still holds true… just a bit more awkward!

Jocy Upton

Vice President of Sales

Larry Waldman

Claudia Ward

Purchasing Manager

Her childhood dream was to be a National Geographic photographer but she prefers adventures closer to home.

Megan Young

Social Media Coordinator

She has a twin brother and her parents used to dress them up in matching outfits… every day.

Lulu Zheng

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

She requested to be Eddie Munster for Halloween, but was only able to rotate between a pumpkin and an m&m.

Kaitlyn Zuber

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Dr. Jill Castle, MS., RD., LDN.

Our Childhood Nutrition Expert

Dr. Jill Castle is a registered dietitian and nutritionist. With over 25 years of experience with babies, toddlers, children and teens in a variety of settings from private practice and consulting to author and writer (and as a mother of 4!), Jill is sought after as one of America’s childhood nutrition experts.

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