6 Unconventional Milestones You'll (Probably) Experience As a New Parent


Parents know certain milestones loom larger than others. Those markers we are eagerly marching toward and look forward to celebrating. Think: starting solids, first words, first steps—these are the movie moments. Many other milestones aren’t necessarily chapters in parenting books but make for incredible stories nonetheless.

1. The Second Word

Of course, baby’s first word will be thrilling, and hearing your little one say “Mama” or “Dada” tugs at the heartstrings. However, the second word (or the first super random word) is a hoot because it’s such a funny indication of their interests/personality (like “Dog”, “Eat”, “No”).

2. The First Dance

Baby’s first steps are a super exciting milestone, albeit mildly terrifying. Their first dance moves are all joy. They lift their chubby arms, sway their little hips to the music, and smile as they see you join in.

3. The First Friend

If your kiddo is in daycare or preschool, they may start mentioning a special friend. Some programs share photos of your child during their day and you may notice more photos with a certain friend. So, even if they don’t mention another kid by name, knowing they are building these connections is incredibly heartwarming.

4. The First Thing

When your little one has a thing they’re really into, something they’ve just latched onto for whatever reason, it’s so special because this is their personality forming in front of your eyes. So, whether it’s oceans, trains, art, or Halloween, embrace the thing with them, and have a ton of fun.

5. The First "Sorry"

While this moment is likely preceded by some not-so-optimal behavior, the first time your little one says, “sorry” in that adorable toddler voice just melts your heart. It’s almost enough to forget whatever terrible thing just transpired. Almost.

6. The First Joke

We hear about baby’s first smile, the first time they laugh, but the first time your toddler or preschooler tells a joke is absolutely crushing in the best way. Maybe they say something funny or they do something they know is funny, and then you share such a special laugh, one that fills your whole soul.

Parenting is a unique journey and whatever milestones you experience are magical moments, ones you’ll never forget.