8 Tips for Hiking, Camping, and Adventuring With Kids


One of the best things about summer is getting outside with the kids. There are so many exciting outdoor activities—hiking, camping, beaching—the possibilities for fun in the sun are endless. As you start scheduling your summer, we’ve rounded up 8 tips for making the most of outdoor activities with your kiddos.

1. Safety First

Getting outside means getting dirty, and that’s a good thing! But the great outdoors can also come with rough, unexpected terrain, and other surprises. Always pack your first aid kit to take care of any little cuts and bruises that may occur, and dress brightly to help identify the kids (and yourself) in case someone feels inspired to go running away through the trees!

2. Get Your Kid's Input

Having your child pick the activity—or planning outings together—encourages independence and helps get them excited! You can write an itinerary and pack the bags together to make the adventure a group activity from the very start!

3. Always Pack Snacks

Be sure to pack plenty of snacks. Non-perishable, healthy, energy-boosting snacks and lots of water. Our pouches also make for fantastic adventure fare. Pouches can be taken on the go for up to 4 hours (rule of thumb: our pouches should still be cool to the touch). Our Pouch Coolers can help keep your pouches cooler for longer! Simply freeze them for 4+ hours or overnight before use.

4. Take It Slow

While solo you may be sprinting up that mountain, things go a lot slower with the kids in tow. If you’re hiking, you’re likely bringing a backpack or other kind of carrier for the little ones. Toddlers may want to walk some of the time and be carried at others. Also, remember you will be taking breaks—snack breaks, breaks to count bugs, breaks to climb trees—so many breaks.

5. Have a Potty Plan

Whether you’re hiking with kids, camping, beaching, or some other outdoor adventuring, you need a potty plan. If they’re still in diapers, you’re packing those along with the wipes, the cream, the changing mat, the change of clothes—don’t forget disposable diaper bags, as you may go a while without a trash can. If they’re new to using the potty and you won’t have easy access to a public restroom, you may want to bring a travel potty. This is so that when the urge strikes, they can do the deed comfortably, even in the great outdoors. What a big-kid accomplishment! If they’re ready to duck behind a tree, there’s always that option, too!

6. Make It a Story

Wherever you’re heading, make sure to bring a notebook so you can keep track of all the exciting things you see and do—you’ll definitely want to talk about it together afterwards. Even when you’re out adventuring, you can make it a story! Maybe you become explorers searching for new worlds in the mountain, maybe you’re oceanographers studying different types of seaweed that splashes onto the beach, maybe you’re a family of animals living in the woods. Nature has an awesome way of inspiring the imagination.

7. Go One on One or Take a Multi-Family Trip

If you’re a parent to multiple kids, doing one-on-one adventures with one child is an awesome bonding opportunity. It’s also a great way to keep the chaos at a minimum (maybe). On the flip side, outdoor activities can be a great excuse to get friends with kids together, coordinate supplies, then make a convoy to the beach/woods/park.

8. Be Open

As parents, we know that no matter how much we plan, the best thing to plan for is the unexpected. Maybe it rains and you get oh-so-muddy, maybe you meet some new friends along the way, maybe you spend the hours you “planned” to hike watching birds instead. Wherever possible, go with the flow. Adventure awaits!

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