8 Reasons to Join the Once Upon a Farm Facebook Group


Are you a parent looking to connect with other parents and learn from experts? Then look no further than our Facebook group, A Fresh Take by Once Upon a Farm! Here are eight great reasons this online community is serving parents and caregivers, complete with everything from skilled insights to giveaways, spoilers, and more.

1. Expert Q&As

We regularly host live Q&A sessions with experts on important topics like child development milestones, gut health, picky eating, and more. Get your pressing questions answered by the pros!

2. Exclusive Discounts & Giveaways

In our group, members often receive special promo codes and giveaways for Once Upon a Farm products. Who doesn’t love saving money and free stuff?!

3. Surprise & Delights

We love showing appreciation for our most active and helpful members with surprise gifts and swag. You never know when you might receive something special in the mail!

4. Sneak Peeks

Get first looks at upcoming Once Upon a Farm products before anyone else. We frequently share behind-the-scenes images and info!

5. Parenting Community

Connect with fellow parents and caregivers who totally understand the joys and challenges of raising little ones. Ask questions, share stories, and give advice.

6. Share Your O’Farm Love

Rave about your favorite Once Upon a Farm pouches and bars! We love seeing your kiddos enjoy our products at home and on the go.

7. Give Feedback & Suggestions

By offering feedback and suggestions, members can help shape future Once Upon a Farm products. Make your voice heard!

8. It's Free to Join!

Becoming part of the O’Farm parent community won't cost you a thing. And you can leave anytime. There's simply no reason not to check it out!