8 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special on Valentine's Day


In ways big and small, you show your child how much you love them every day. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you may be wondering what to do to make your littlest valentine’s day extra special. We’ve got some ideas that will inspire all the heart eyes.

1. Start with a Heart-y Breakfast

What better way to start their Valentine’s Day than with a heart-shaped waffle or pancake? Yum!

2. Take Them on a Date

Plan a special date for you and your little love. Take them for ice cream after pickup, or maybe you stop for a pastry on the way to school.

3. Write Them Personalized Valentines

Cut out paper hearts and write a daily valentine for your kiddo. Have them find the card every morning, then make a paper chain of the hearts to hang up in their room.

4. Leave Surprises in Their Lunchbox

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, you can also leave little treats in their lunchbox. These can be a note or small candy (if their school allows). On the day itself, the surprise can be bigger.

5. Make Heart-Shaped Treats Together

Grab all your pink and red baking supplies and make something delicious! Whether you’re planning to share with their classmates and/or the rest of the fam, make sure you two steal some time to have a treat (or two) together first.

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6. Craft a Love-Filled Project

Grab some craft paper or a canvas (whatever the favored medium in your house is) and make a Valentine’s project together. Pinterest is a goldmine of crafting inspo!

7. Host a Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt, and hide clues around the house that eventually lead to a gift or something else fun. These clues can be written around reasons you love them (“I love reading stories with you. The next clue is in your favorite book.”).

8. Have a Movie Night

Wrap up the day with a Valentine’s Day movie, or something that inspires all the cuddles. Let your little one pick the film, and don’t forget the candy hearts and popcorn!

Whatever you do, your child will love it because they love you. After all, you are their forever valentine.