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Our unique baby food recipes are developed for each stage of your little one's life. From simple blends for starting solids to more complex tastes and textures, there's a yummy blend for every tummy.
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Our Toddler blends are made with hints of herbs and spice to tickle taste buds and enchant tiny palates, with protein and fiber to keep them filled and fueled for every adventure.
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Smart Blend Variety Pack Pouch

Smart Blend Variety Pack

Pear-y Blueberry & Spinach Smart Blend Pouch

Pear-y Blueberry & Spinach Smart Blend

Ras-Pear-y Vanilla Smart Blend Pouch

Ras-Pear-y Vanilla Smart Blend

Peter Banana Pumpkin Eater Pouch Stage 4

Peter Banana Pumpkin Eater

Overnight Oats Variety Pack Pouch

Overnight Oats Variety Pack

Overnight Oats with Apple & Cinnamon Pouch

Overnight Oats with Apple & Cinnamon

Overnight Oats with Blueberry Pouch

Overnight Oats with Blueberry

Berry Best Variety Pack Pouch

Berry Best Variety Pack

“I can’t say this enough. OUAF has made life so much easier with Food we can trust! The boy is now 18 months old and I don’t plan on stopping my orders any time soon. It’s a great way to get him the nutrients he needs and it’s delicious! I may steal a sip once in a while. Can’t wait for more blends to come out!”

– Monique B.


A storybook smoothie loved by little ones far and wide. Cold-pressed, dairy-free and no added sugar, these smoothies are the first of their kind for kids!
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The perfect snack for any age, our applesauce blends are made with whole apples, (peel and all!) and cold-pressed to lock in farm fresh taste and nutrients.

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