NEW Organic Meals

Meet Raised Real. Finger-friendly, nutrition-packed meals for your little ones—ready in minutes. The new way for you (busy parents!) to feed your growing eaters. Keep in the freezer until you're ready to cook. Now available right here on Once Upon a Farm.

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Choose your meals, adjust or cancel anytime. All our meals are flash frozen to lock in nutrients.

✔ 16 meals per order — $4.99 per meal
✔ 24 meals per order — $4.69 per meal

for Self-Feeding & Development

When babies explore food, they see, smell, and experience textures at their own pace. Letting them lead can decrease “picky eating” and help shape their long term relationship with food. Crazy, right?

Benefits of Self-Feeding:

✔ Improved dexterity
✔ Motor-skill building
✔ Improved self-regulation

Reviews from Real Parents

Our Unique Ingredients

We source high quality, certified organic ingredients to ensure our meals are the best for your little ones.

Spinach - Zinc for sharp minds. Calcium for strong bones.

Banana - Prebiotic fiber source for digestion and to boost beneficial gut bacteria. Potassium for heart-y hearts and muscles.

White Quinoa - A complete protein for growth and development, fiber for digestion, iron and zinc for brain development.

Chia Seeds - Fiber filled superfood packed with omega 3 fatty acids for brain development.

Coconut Butter - Fats for brain development and vitamin absorption.

Purée, Smash, Grab, or Spoon

You cook our meals in about 6 minutes. Then, plate them however your little one is eating these days. You control the softness, texture and consistency. Your little one can take the wheel from there.

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Dairy-Free Smoothies
for 12+ Months



  • The current meals and oats are recommended for ages 1+ years. In the coming months, we are reformulating our offering for ages 6+ months. It's up to each parent and their pediatrician on what's right for your little one.

  • The expiration dates are 12 months from the date of production. The date can be found on top right back of the pouch near the rip.

  • No, all meals must be fully cooked prior to consumption. Please follow the cooking instructions on the package. Our meals are ready to cook, not ready to eat and must not be eaten uncooked.

  • Once cooked, you can refrigerate the leftovers but cannot re-freeze again.