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Farmer Jen and the Giant Squash

Jennifer Gardner

Straight from Jennifer’s Family Farm

Our story started because of the little farm in Locust Grove, Oklahoma where my mom grew up. Everything she and her siblings ate came right from the land—juicy tomatoes, crisp green beans, buttery pecans. Decades later, our sweet little farm now grows the delicious Koginut squash from Row 7 Seeds that we use in our delicious Giant Squash blend. Bringing my mom’s farm back to life has been one of my greatest joys and sharing its goodness with you is another.

Love, Jennifer Garner, Co-Founder
Jennifer signture

Koginut Squash

Koginut Squash from Row 7 Seeds


A cross between two squash types, the Koginut grown on Jennifer’s family farm has a velvety texture, concentrated sweetness, and intensely squash-y flavor. It’s grown from seeds by Row 7 Seed Company, an organic, flavor-focused seed company founded by acclaimed chef Dan Barber, vegetable breeder Michael Mazourek, and seedsman Matthew Goldfarb.

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Farmer Jen & the Giant Squash

A perfect mashup of fall’s favorite flavors—sweet Koginut squash, ripe apple, chewy oats, cozy cinnamon spice—blended with creamy coconut milk for that dollop of good fat your little one needs. Fresh from our farms to your family, this harvest blend delights palates big and small.

Available at Erewhon in Southern California and online here:

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Don’t stop at the pouch! Use our Farmer Jen and the Giant Squash blend to cook up delicious farm recipes like squash waffles and overnight oats, all crafted by our Co-Founder Cassandra.

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