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Ultimate Baby Sampler

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Quinoa, Banana, Spinach & Coconut butter meal and Sweet Potato, Mango, and Coconut meal

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Meal time just got easier! This variety pack contains the best of both worlds with top flavors of both our Plant-Rich Meals and Baby Fruit & Veggie Blends. While they will love the taste of each delicious and nutritious flavor, you'll enjoy the flexibility and convenience of both our meals and blends.This pack will arrive frozen and packed in dry ice. Frozen Ready-to-Cook Meals should be stored in the freezer and Refrigerated Blend Pouches that arrive frozen should be chilled in the refrigerator. Delicious and always organic. Designed for ages 6 months+.
    • Frozen Plant-Rich Meals are ready to cook and can be served as purée, mashed, or as finger food!
    • Nutritionist recommended for healthy development and self-feeding.
    • Refrigerated blend pouches are cold-pressed to lock in nutrients and flavors that babies love.
    • Delicious, homemade taste without the prep and clean-up.
    • Unsweetened, Organic, and Non-GMO Project Certified
    • Recommended for children starting at 6 months.
  • Sweet Potato, Mango & Coconut Milk: Sweet Potato*, Mango*, Coconut Milk* (Coconut*, Water), Chia Seed*, Lucuma. *Organic

    Carrot, Cauliflower & Hemp Seeds:  Carrot*, Cauliflower*, Hemp Seed*, Sacha Inchi Oil*, Turmeric*. *Organic

    Black Beans, Sweet Potato, Red Pepper, & Cilantro: Black Bean*, Red Bell Pepper*, Sweet Potato, Avocado Oil*, Cilantro*, Cumin*. *Organic

    Quinoa, Banana, Spinach & Coconut Butter: Cooked Quinoa*, Banana*, Spinach*, Coconut Butter*, Chia Seed*. *Organic

    Butternut Squash, Quinoa, Banana & Coconut Butter: Butternut Squash*, Cooked Quinoa*, Banana*, Coconut Butter*, Cardamom*. *Organic

    Broccoli, Pea & Navy Bean: Broccoli*, Pea*, Navy Bean*, Extra Virgin Oil*, Mint*. *Organic

    Apple, Banana & Kale with Hemp Seed: Apple*, Banana*, Kale*, Hemp Seed*. *Organic

    Apple, Sweet Potato, Blueberry & Coconut Milk:  Apple*, Sweet Potato*, Blueberry*, Purified Water, Coconut Milk* (Coconut*, Water). *Organic

    Strawberry, Squash, Coconut & Vanilla: Strawberry*, Butternut Squash*, Coconut Milk* (Coconut*, Water), Date*, Purified Water, Dragon Fruit*, Sunflower Lecithin*, Vanilla Extract*. *Organic



    1. Pour ingredients into a pan.
    2. Add 1/3 cup water and bring to a boil. Stir.
    3. Lower heat to simmer and cover with a lid.
    4. Let simmer for 12 minutes*, stirring occasionally.


    1. Empty contents into a microwave-safe bowl and add 1/3 cup of water. Stir.
    2. Cook on high for 5 minutes.*

    *Or until ingredients reach an internal temp of 165F

    Let cool, then puree (6-8+mo), mash (8+mo), or serve as finger food (8+mo) to your little one. If serving as finger food, cut larger pieces of fruits and veggies into bite size (1/4 inch) pieces. Always supervise when feeding.


  • Organic Plant-Rich Meals

    3- Sweet Potato, Mango & Coconut Milk with Chia Seed & Lucuma

    3- Carrot, Cauliflower & Hemp Seed with Sacha Inchi Oil & Turmeric 

    3- Black Bean, Red Pepper, Sweet Potato & Cilantro with Avocado Oil & Cumin

    3- Quinoa, Banana, Spinach & Coconut Butter with Chia Seed 

    3- Butternut Squash, Quinoa, Banana & Coconut Butter with Cardamom

    3- Broccoli, Pea & Navy Bean with Olive Oil & Mint 

    Organic Baby Fruit & Veggie Blends

    2- Apple, Banana & Kale with Hemp Seed

    2- Apple, Sweet Potato, Blueberry & Coconut Milk

    2- Strawberry, Squash, Coconut & Vanilla

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