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Gold-y Mango & the 3 Coconuts
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It’s a lively bunch! Finding a nutrient-dense meal for your little one is easy when you combine pure unsweetened mangoes, rich in vitamin A and B6, with the comfort of omega-rich coconut milk. Live healthy ever after with this just-right comfort food combination.

Where Does The Produce Come From?

Organic: Mango, Coconut Milk, Turmeric, Shredded Coconut

Great on the go!

Guaranteed fresh for up to 4 hours out of the fridge and all day with an ice pack!

A Recipe For a Strong Start

Rich healthy fats improve brain development give the little ones a nutritious start.

Environmentally Responsible

100% Recyclable packaging free of any BPA, phthalates and PVC.

Supporting Local Farms

Ingredients are sourced and prepared locally at our headquarters in San Diego, CA.