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Applesauce Teething Biscuits

Applesauce Teething Biscuits are easy to make with wholesome ingredients! Some of the teething biscuits you can buy at the store contain corn syrup, soy lecithin, sugar and oleic canola oil. This recipe just calls for our Applesauce (any flavor!), coconut oil, oats and aluminum free baking powder.

These lightly sweet biscuits have a delicious apple aroma and you can even keep them in the fridge for a soothing, cold treat for baby!



  1. Add the oats and baking powder to your blender and blend until fine (it will look like fine flour).
  2. Add 2 Applesauce pouches and coconut oil to the blender and blend until dough forms.
  3. Remove the dough and divide the dough in half.
  4. Roll the dough out and use cookie cutters to cut shapes, or form the dough into 10-12 biscuits.
  5. Bake at 325 degrees for 1 hour (flip at 30 minutes). If your biscuits are still soft in the middle, they need more time to cook.
  6. Remove the biscuits and let them cool and harden. Enjoy!

Note: Always supervise your baby when they eat. You can substitute other Once Upon a Farm pouches in this recipe. Our Applesauce, The Fairest of Pears or Magic Velvet Mango pouches work well. These biscuits are purposely hard to stand up to teething drool and so baby can gnaw on them.