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Swap Snacks for Dairy-Free Protein Smoothies!

By Cassandra Food + RecipesHealth

My kids love to snack. Snack, snack, snack. As a mom, I like to feel good that they’re getting healthy snacks that are actually nutritious and that will provide sustaining energy. I know that giving my kids whole, unprocessed ingredients straight from the farm that are rich in protein, good fats and fiber will meet this goal. It’s also a plus if I can build their immunity each day to protect them from all those bugs they get exposed to as the adventurous kiddos that they are. However, up until now it’s been challenging to find something convenient that meets these standards.

That’s why I created Once Upon a Farm Dairy-Free Protein Smoothies in four yummy flavors and available in new curbside recyclable bottles: So Strawberry, Red Raspberry, Banana Berry, and Perfectly Pineapple. Not only are they cold-pressed to lock in the nutrition of each farm-fresh ingredient, each one contains 6 grams of natural protein from pumpkin seeds! You won’t find any gritty or highly processed protein powders in our smoothies. Each one also has 150 calories, 8 grams of good fats to support sustained energy and brain development and whole fruit and veggies (no pre-processed purees). Best of all: they actually taste good.

You’ll also find the highest quality probiotics in these smoothies. Probiotics have changed my family’s life when it comes to digestive and immune health (aka helping to prevent sickness and to get over it faster when it does invade) so including them in an easy-to-eat format was a must. We use a highly researched probiotic called Ganeden BC30 (otherwise known as BACILLUS COAGULANS GBI-30 6086). This probiotic is allergen free and it actually survives through stomach acid and gets populated in the gut. Some probiotics activate on the shelf and/or get killed through the digestion process so when it actually reaches the gut, the body isn’t able to ingest the full CFU (colony forming unit) count. In our probiotic, you will get 500million CFUs.

Although these smoothies are great for my kiddos, I enjoy them daily as well as a perfect complement to my breakfast, an on-the-go snack or a pre or post yoga or running workout fuel. I am so excited to have you all try them! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

So Strawberry

It’s very very very strawberry! Sweet strawberry is the star of this un-beet-able smoothie with iron-rich delicious date, pumpkin seed for 6g of plant-based protein and added probiotics for gut and immune health. Cold-pressed, dairy free and absolutely no added sugar anywhere, our Strawberry smoothie is the perfect “pass back” snack!

Red Raspberry

Red raspberry red rover send this smoothie on over! Tart raspberry blended with earthy beet and swirled with silky coconut milk make sipping on this smoothie simply scrumptious. Probiotics protect immunity and digestion while 6g of plant-based protein keep your little ones fueled for every adventure. Cold-pressed, dairy free and no added sugar, Red Raspberry is the berry best!

(Red Raspberry is only available at Kroger)

Banana Berry

That classic strawberry banana combo just got sweeter (with no added sugar)! Creamy banana smooths out earthy beet and pumpkin seeds add protein while tangy orange and sweet strawberry give a boost of Vitamin C! With 6g of plant-based protein and added probiotics to support immunity and digestion, our cold-pressed, dairy free BananaBerry smoothie is the perfect on-the-go pick-me-up!

Perfectly Pineapple

Pack your bags for paradise with our Perfectly Pineapple smoothie. Creamy banana and Vitamin C packed pineapple mix with bright turmeric for a flavor that’ll have you booking your next trip to the tropics while 6g of plant-based protein keep you full for the flight. Cold-pressed, dairy free and no added sugar, Perfectly Pineapple is a palate pleaser your little ones will love!

Dairy-free protein smoothies

If you’re looking for more smoothie blends, check out our dairy-free Super Smoothies that come in convenient pouches! Berry Berry Quite Contrary, Coco for Mangoes and Strawberry Banana Swirl are available online and in a store near you (find us in the fridge)!

3 responses to "Swap Snacks for Dairy-Free Protein Smoothies!"

  1. Charmaine White says:

    I tried your smoothies and really enjoyed them and I’m 78.

  2. Ann says:

    Can’t wait to find the protein smoothies for myself. I had sleeve surgery so need easy to digest proteins from whole foods.

    1. Once Upon a Farm says:

      Cheers to a speedy recovery!

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