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What’s in Season for Summer

By Cassandra HealthPlanet

organic fruits in season for summer

Let’s start by declaring our love for local, farm fresh produce. Every organic fruit and veggie in our food is grown by passionate farmers we know and trust, many of them right in our own California backyard. Outside of our pouches, however, farmers markets are a great way for families to find local, organic produce! They’re a wonderful place for children to explore and learn about healthy eating habits and new foods, plus buying local produce helps support small farms in your area and allows you to get food that has been picked at the peak of the season days (or sometimes even hours) before your visit!

organic ingredients used in once upon a farm baby food

Picky eaters? Even they will love a rainbow of color. If you show your little ones the colorful rows of neatly stacked summer produce, you’ll surely entice them to try something new! Take advantage of the samples some vendors offer and let them experiment! Eating fresh produce is important for overall health and including a rainbow of produce in your everyday diet provides many different types of vitamins, nutrients and minerals, so eat up!

Tips for choosing fresh and flavorful produce:

Make sure to ask the farmers! They can give you excellent tips about ripeness, storage and even ways to prepare your fresh finds. See below for what to look for with some of our summer favorites and save the guide for a quick reference on your next trip to the store or farmers market!

  • Berries: Choose berries with even color that are firm to the touch, but wait to wash them until you’re ready to eat them in order to prevent spoilage.
  • Asparagus: Look for closed compact tips and a smooth rich green color all the way down the stalk.
  • Watermelon: Choose one with darker skin for a sweet flavor. Look for a yellow spot where the watermelon sat while on the vine. If the spot is white or lighter, then it was picked before it was ripe.
  • Artichokes: Look for tight leaves with no visible cracks and store them unwashed in your fridge.
  • Mushrooms: Look for firm, smooth mushrooms and avoid those with dry or wet looking spots.
  • Garlic: Choose bulbs that are plump and compact with unbroken skin. A heavy firm bulb means the garlic is fresh and will be full of flavor.
  • Apricots: Choose a firm apricot as it will ripen over a few days if left at room temperature. When it’s ready, it will be bright orange with a hint of blush (and will still be quite firm).

 organic produce guide for summer shopping

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  1. Teddy K says:

    Great info! I grew up in the country tending to family gardens, and never knew this much. I’m ready to shop like a farmer! Now…if we could just have a video of just what that hollow sound of a watermelon should sound like…then that would be super-cool!

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