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Once Upon a Farm Holiday Gift Guide For Mom 2018

By Cassandra Home

The holidays are a time of giving, so why not make the value of mom’s “gift” go the extra mile to make her life a little easier. Before you settle on small trinkets that may end up in the closet (or let’s face it, in the trash), or before spending time on the guessing game of what she might want (and actually use), check out my gifting guide featuring some of the best gifts for moms this season (trust me, I am one myself, and these are the things that matter most as a mom).

  • Massage at a Spa – Moms need touch too and a massage is a perfect way to pamper her. If you want to go the extra mile, surprise her with 2 of them so she can bring a friend (or schedule two treatments for herself!). Not sure where to find the best spa? Spa Finder is a great resource for finding relaxing spas across the world. You can buy a gift certificate online and let mom use it at any spa in their network.
  • Housecleaning – Keeping the house clean with kids (no matter how much help you have in your family) is always challenging. This year, gift mom an extra set of hands to help around the house or even better, a bundle of house cleanings that she can use throughout the year. Task RabbitHandy , and are all great places to seek out a great person to help clean up and clear out your space so you can enjoy mom more and she can enjoy herself.
  • A Night Out – Moms need social time outside of the house and some freedom from singing Itsy Bitsy Spider at wee hours of the night. Whether you are a partner, family member or kiddo to mom, setting up a night out for her (whether that be with you or setting her up on a date with someone else), will go far. Consider booking a unique dining experience such as The Secret Table or Diner en Blanc. These are fun dining experiences that will take you to surprise locations. Some include farm-to-table food, prepped by top-rated chefs, and others call for bringing your own food, “picnic style.”
  • Sign her up for a meal delivery service – What mom doesn’t want to have a freshly cooked, nutritious meal sitting at her fingertips? Give her the gift of a meal delivery service for a week (or longer!) or a subscription to Once Upon a Farm. The Good Kitchen delivers pre-selected meals straight to her door, or have mom choose her favorite meals herself. You can even treat her with her own plant-based breakfasts, lunches or dinner with a Sakara Life meal plan (although I must admit, she might not want to share this one with the kiddos) 🙂 Once Upon a Farm offers a monthly subscription of cold-pressed baby food, apple sauces and smoothies for the family that are as fresh as it gets without mom making it herself!

These thoughtful experiences will give mom the gift that never stops giving: relaxation, time, fun, and care. The joy of material gifts may fade quickly, so consider a priceless memory or experience that will last a lifetime.

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