Mommy & Me: Smoothie and Smoothie Bowl

By Cassandra Food + Recipes

This month, we’ve partnered with Kuli Kuli to spread their mission of using nutrient-rich plants like moringa, a leafy green superfood, to improve nutrition and livelihoods worldwide! A little sprinkle of moringa vegetable powder goes a long way, and it’s great for parents, toddlers, and kids.

Try it in your next recipe or use it in this Mommy & Me: Smoothie and Smoothie Bowl recipe below featuring Once Upon a Farm Magic Velvet Mango.



  • Add all ingredients into a blender and blend.
  • Enjoy half as a smoothie and make the other half into a smoothie bowl for your little one.
  • Top with your favorite toppings like banana, pomegranate, raspberries, coconut and chia seeds.

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