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Our Mission to Keep Our Planet Green

By Once Upon a Farm Planet


At Once Upon a Farm, we’re committed to doing all we can to keep our planet green and to pass on a happier, healthier world for the next generation. We take our food safety and sustainability efforts very seriously, which is why we are always working to innovate and improve our packaging while seeking out materials that preserve the safety, integrity, and quality of our products and to reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can. Here’s what we’re doing to reduce, reuse and recycle to keep our planet green.

Click here for more information about recycling our pouches and caps via TerraCycle and download a bit more info here!


  • All our pouches are BPA and PVC free and recyclable via TerraCycle. Collect your empty pouches (caps included!) in any box you have available (like that stack of Amazon boxes we all have piling up in the garage). Once the box is full or you’re ready to send in your empty pouches, head over to TerraCycle to print your free shipping label (check your inbox for the label) and send them in! Click here to learn more about our partnership with TerraCycle. The recyclability of our pouches is something we are very aware of and are working hard to improve.
  • Once TerraCycle receives your pouches, the packaging is broken down and separated by material. Plastics are cleaned and pelletized and turned into products like watering cans, garbage cans, park benches, and picnic tables!

Recycled watering can from TerraCycle

  • Our Baby Food Cups and Bowls as well as our Dairy-Free Protein Smoothie bottles are 100% curbside recyclable. Simply remove the film from the top, rinse the cup or bowl and toss in your curbside recycling bin!
  • All of our shipping boxes and liners are made from materials that are fully recyclable. Just toss them in your curbside recycling bin or bring them to your local recycling facility.


  • Our multi-colored pouch caps make for wonderful arts and crafts projects and activities! Check out our Pinterest page and blog for more inspiration and tag us on social @onceuponafarm to share your CAPtivating DIY projects!

Pouch cap projects


  • The materials that we use to create our pouches require fewer raw materials and less energy to produce than the typical glass jar, which allows us to reduce the size of our carbon footprint.
  • Our pouches take up less storage space than glass jars, which means fewer trucks on the road to deliver our products. With fewer trucks on the road using less fuel, we are able to reduce the number of greenhouse gasses released from our deliveries by cutting down the amount of storage space necessary in each truck.

Our goal is to leave this earth better for generations to come, and we are working to achieve that goal with our delicious, nutritious food and our continued efforts to improve our product packaging.

If you have specific questions or concerns about your product and the facility where it has been produced, please reach out to our Customer Care team at

2 responses to "Our Mission to Keep Our Planet Green"

  1. Michelle Howes says:

    When is the new terracycle program launching? How long do I need to hang on to my pouches to recycle? I already have an overflowing drawer full as I had requested mail in envelope a month ago and never received any update that the program was transitioning. I try to buy this brand to recycle but I don’t want to bother at the cost of my kitchen drawer space.

    1. Once Upon a Farm says:

      Hi there! We’re updating the program this week! Thank you for your patience. Stay tuned!

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