Halloween Treats Without Tricky Ingredients

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healthy halloween treats

Halloween is upon us! We love picking pumpkins, dressing our little ones in the cutest costumes and seeing the excited look on their faces as they trick-or-treat around the neighborhood. It’s such a “sweet” time and is a special kick off to the holiday season!

But where there’s sweet, there’s also sour. We all know what happens when the costumes come off and witching hour becomes witching week as the biggest sugar crash of the year comes back to haunt us. It’s no surprise that what’s inside of those Halloween bags isn’t always the best for our little ones. From tons of added sugar to preservatives to artificial colors and flavors and genetically modified ingredients, what’s inside can be downright scary. But what can we do about it, you ask? Well, one option is to be the house that gives away good-for-you goodies instead of sugar-infused cavity creators.

We’re not saying to be the dentist on the block handing out floss and toothbrushes (although now that we think of it, that’s not such a bad prize!). We’re just offering some sweet substitutes for traditional Halloween candy that other mama and papa bears in the neighborhood will appreciate as they parse out their little ones’ Halloween haul!

We’re all about treats (no tricks) and healthy sweets this Halloween, so here are a few of our healthy alternatives!

Is candy your calling?

If it’s candy you crave, there are definitely healthier options available. We’ve listed some of our favorites below!

  • Justin’s peanut butter cups and snacks pack a protein punch. Plus, their recipes are to die for year-round, not just for Halloween 😉
  • JoJo’s “guilt-free” chocolate bark is just that. With half as much sugar as the average chocolate bar and 8g of protein, you can feel good about gobbling these up!
  • Unreal was born from a dream two brothers had to remake their favorite childhood candies (that their parents rarely let them have) without all “the bad stuff.” There’s nothing artificial in these candies, they use fair trade, organic ingredients and are Non-GMO Project Verified. It’s a dream come true if you ask us!
  • YumEarth is organic candy, sweet and simple. From lollipops and fruit snacks to hard candies and gummy bears, they have it all. They’re also the perfect nut-free option if that’s what you’re after as their products are all tree nut and peanut free.

Looking for a sweet substitute?

Our organic, cold-pressed blends are a healthy substitute your kiddos will love. And they can be left out of refrigeration for up to 4 hours – parents should just pop them in the fridge when they get home from their trick-or-treat outing!

  • Straight from the Apple Tree is the perfect fall flavor. Made with just one ingredient and cold-pressed to perfection, there’s no need to bob for apples when you have this pouch handy!
  • Sun-Shiny Strawberry Patch is made with sweet strawberries, succulent coconut milk, and sunny butternut squash and is the perfect sweet treat with a splash of Summer on a chilly Fall day.
  • Stock up on our other cold-pressed baby food, applesauce & smoothie blends in time for the big day (use code WELCOME for 10% off)!

Hosting Halloween?

If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, the healthy recipe options are endless. A few of our favorites from EatingWell include:

Looking for fun non-food options?

Adding in a fun activity gives our kiddos a little something extra to do during the sugar rush of Halloween night!

  • Crayons wrapped with a fun print out
  • Stickers
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Spooky accessories
  • Bubbles

We hope you have a happy and healthy Halloween!

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