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Halloween 2020 🎃 Tips, Tricks & Treats

By Once Upon a Farm Motherhood


Trick-or-treating might be tricky this year with the global pandemic, social distancing, and various restrictions state to state. But don’t get your costume in a twist, we have some fun ideas to try during this once in a blue moon Halloween!

1. Blue Moon Glow-in-the-dark Fun

Gather all things glowing for a spooky backyard celebration. Decorate an area outside with glow sticks, jack-o-lanterns, glowing spider jars, and check out the celestial Halloween blue moon event. Hide candy around your yard with glow in the dark eggs, grab a flashlight then let the haunting hunt begin!

2. Scavenger Hunt

Walk or drive through your neighborhood to see if you can find the frightful fun with a printable Halloween Hunt sheet

3. Fun & Festive Food

Make spooky snacks or supper for your skeleton crew. We love these kid-friendly ideas from and Partake, who have several festive treats made with their allergy-friendly cookies.  We also have a few spooky snacks of our own: Halloween Chia Pudding, Peanut butter Pumpkin Bites, Boo-Berry Banana Ghosts, made using our OhmyMega Veggie, Magic Velvet Mango, Peter Banana Pumpkin Eater, and Mama Bear Blueberry blends.

4. Creative & Creepy Crafts

Cap-Craft Spiders are a creepy, crawly, and oh so easy Halloween craft for kids. If you’re practicing colors and counting, try this Color-Sorting Spider station. We also love these Halloween themed craft ideas from Recycle Nation.

5. Monster-mash Karaoke Dance Party

Who says a dance party has to have a crowd? Dress up and get down with these kid-friendly Halloween hits on Spotify.

6. Homemade Haunted House

Create a creepy space for your little ghouls and goblins to celebrate. You’ll need a large box or two, paint, duct tape, and a box cutter. Check out this DIY haunted house by Happy Toddler Playtime. Bonus points if you add a doorbell – tick-or-treat!


7. Halloween sensory bins

Tiny tots can get all the Halloween feels with a sensory bin or two (just be sure to monitor while they play for safety). Uncooked black beans make an easy black base for Halloween themed sensory bin. Toss in a few mini pumpkins, small decorations and dollar store finds and let little ones explore while sharpening fine motor skills. We love Fire Flies and Mud Pies for Inspiration.



We hope you all have a scary-good Halloween 2020! If you have other tips or ideas post in the comments below.


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