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Families Belong Together

By Cassandra HomeMotherhood

Keeping Families Together

Like all of you, our hearts have been shattered by the tragedy that has taken place on our border over the past several weeks. We are a company run by moms and dads and above anything, we believe that Families Belong Together. Earlier this week, our CEO, John Foraker shared his thoughts on the issue and urged other business leaders to take a stand.

As a company of parents, we are not satisfied by Wednesday’s executive order to stop family separation because we believe it does nothing to address the needs of previously separated children and babies. Additionally, we believe it only replaces family separation with indefinite family detention. It’s reported that at this very minute, there are nearly 2,500 children separated from their parents and this trauma will likely cause long term health and emotional effects. Now is the time to rally around these thousands of detained families who were seeking a better and safer life for their children.

Today, Once Upon a Farm is committing a $10,000 donation to RAICES (Refugee And Immigration Center for Education and Legal Services) Family Reunification and Bond Fund. In addition to our donation, we will match every donation made, dollar for dollar, up to $15,000. This money will go towards helping immigrant parents pay their bonds, usually in the range from $5-10K, to be released and reunite with their families. Funds will also support parents and children who need legal services as they move through the court system to seek asylum.

We hope you will consider donating to this worthy cause to help reunite children and babies with their parents. Now, more than ever, we must remember that families everywhere deserve compassion, safety and justice.

With Gratitude,

The Once Upon a Farm Family

Click here to donate to these families in need: 


2 responses to "Families Belong Together"

  1. Cindy says:

    All the more reason to love and respect your company! Thank you for standing up for what is right!

    1. says:

      Thank you!

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