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2019 Holiday Gift Guide

By Cassandra HomeMotherhood

The Holidays are one of my favorite times of the year and I know my three girls feel the same. For me, I love the connection, the colder weather, the time with family, the festive lights and the traveling. For my kids, it’s all of the above plus the gifts. As a mom I want to give presents that show love and appreciation towards them and others and that will add value to their lives. However, I also want to use my purchasing power to ensure these items that I choose benefit our environment and the companies that make them. That is why I created this list of my Top 12 Children’s Gifts. Below you will find items that are more than just what meets the eye. They are either made with the environment in mind, have a social mission behind them or add significant value in the impact they will create in using them. Happy shopping!

1. Cuddle + Kind: Ethically Crafted, Hand-Knit Stuffed Animals

Why I love them: They made the gift guide because for each doll sold, they feed 10 children. Further, every Cuddle + Kind doll is handmade, stitch by stitch with passion and pride in Peru. They are lovingly hand-knit, hand-loomed, embroidered and crocheted by artisans using knitting expertise that has been handed down for generations.

2. Green Toys: Salad Set

Why I love them: What parent doesn’t want his or her kiddos to play AND get to love veggies at the same time? Not to mention, these are made in the USA from food-safe, 100% recycled plastic milk containers that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They are also packaged with recycled and recyclable materials and printed with soy inks! Win/Win for all!

3. UNICEF: Jump Ropes to Help Kids so They Can Play & Exercise

Why I love them: Giving gifts to people in need is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself and your children to help them recognize that same positive feeling and the importance of giving back. These jump ropes are a Charitable gift that gives to children in the name of friends or loved ones.

4. Back to the Roots: Grow Your Own Kitchen Herb Garden

Why I love them: Help your child foster a love of growing their own food while promoting a more sophisticated palate with herbs! These are 100% organic and non-GMO and if you share a picture with #GrowOneGiveOne, they donate a kit to a classroom of your choice!

5. Begin Again: Bath Toys

Why I love them: These are made from natural rubber and free from BPA and phthalates. They also curate creativity in your little one for bath time.

6. ezpz Fun: Happy Mat

Why I love it: These suction to the table, which means they capture the mess and reduce tipped bowls and plates all while encouraging self-feeding to develop fine motor skills. These are also 100% Toxin-free silicone, BPA, BPS, PVC and Phtahlate free and Hypoallergenic

7. Crazy Crayons: Eco Stars

Why I love them: They foster creativity and are made from recycled Crayons, which include colors and swirls. They are also handmade so each one is unique!

8. Humble Household: Non-toxic Baby Hand/Foot Imprint Kit

Why I love them: It creates special memories that will last forever, and for every Humble Household order, they provide a meal to a hungry family. There is also Ink-less transfer technology to ensure no contact between baby’s skin and ink. Yes, please!

9. Apple Park: Hooded Animal Bath Towel

Why I love it: Makes bath time more fun, is made from 100% certified organic interlock cotton and is a certified OEKO-TEX eco-friendly fabric.

10. The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

Why I love it: This book allows your child to strengthen their reading skills while having fun learning about climate change and conservation. Remember to use Amazon Smile if you’re shopping via Amazon this holiday season. When you shop, they donate to your favorite charity!

11. Tula Baby Blankets

Why I love it: Swaddle blankets are the perfect gift for new parents! Whether they’re used to cuddle, swaddle or play, these bamboo blankets are super soft, cozy and breathable and come in a variety of colors and patterns to match your mama friend’s personality.

12. Yummy Yoga Book

Why I love it: It’s a a fun and interactive way to encourage your kids to eat healthfully and exercise!

With any of these gifts in the guide you can give multiple gifts all at once: A gift to someone else, to the earth, to children in need and to the conscious companies that created these. Now that is a truly Happy Holiday.

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