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10 Tips to Keep Food Fresh in the Fridge

By Once Upon a Farm Food + RecipesHealthPlanet

Organized fridge

New year, new fridge! Starting the year off fresh means filling your fridge with healthy options for the fam and keeping that food as fresh as you can because when fresh food is stored properly, it stays fresher (and tastier) longer. We’re familiar with all types of fridge formats as our blends require refrigeration to stay farm fresh, so we know a thing or two when it comes to optimal refrigerator storage and cleanliness to keep your fresh food at its best.

Speaking of fresh, we keep our blends as fresh as it gets with our cold-pressed process. High Pressure Pascalization (HPP) uses pressure equivalent to 5x the deepest part of the ocean instead of heat to destroy any potential food borne bacteria while extending shelf life a bit so we can get farm fresh blends to from our farms to your family.

But back to your fridge! Why wait for spring to clean up? Give your fresh food a clean place to call home and tackle the task now with some helpful tips below!

Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere…

  1. But first, the basics. Make sure your fridge is set to the correct temperature to prevent any unnecessary wilting, withering or waste. Ideal fridge temp is 38-40ยฐF keeping it cool, but not freezing. If your fridge doesn’t have a built-in thermometer, we recommend buying a digital thermometer to keep your fridge temp in check.
  2. Check all expiration dates when buying fresh and know it’s ok if that date is just a few days away as long as you have a recipe in mind that you’ll be making within that window.
  3. Clean and prep your fresh food as soon as you get home. Having it all set and ready to go will make it available for snacks and you’re more likely to use it before it goes bad.
  4. Prevent fuzzy fruit by rinsing it in a vinegar and water solution (3 cups water, 1 cup vinegar) and dry them before putting them in the fridge (in the back where it’s coldest).
  5. Keep your fresh herbs like a bouquet of flowers on the windowsill (a plastic bag over top of them acts as a greenhouse too) or freeze them in bunches in Ziploc bags. If you have any left over after you’ve used what you need, finely chop them up and freeze them in ice cube trays with olive oil.
  6. Organize with the proper containers. A pouch organizer can neatly hang all your Once Upon a Farm pouches, saving significant room in other areas, while clear storage bins allow you to organize your food and still see what’s inside.
  7. Give your food the storage it craves: asparagus with its ends in water, mushrooms in a paper bag, apples separate from other foods, wrap celery in foil, bulbs of garlic in an open basket rather than a closed container and avocados and tomatoes out on the counter with your bunch of bananas (kept bunched!), but put the avocados in the fridge once they’re ripe to slow the process and prevent over-ripening.
  8. Line your crisping drawers with paper towels (or even disposable changing pad liners if you have extra around!) to wick moisture away from your veggies and greens.
  9. Buy local if possible (check out our lists of what’s in season for winter, summer and fall). Local produce has a much shorter travel itinerary than produce coming to the grocery store from all over the world and will last that much longer.
  10. Keep your dairy away from the door. All the opening and closing causes temperature fluctuation and your milk will stay fresher longer if kept cold constantly.

Need more inspiration? Check out and @thehomeedit for #fridgegoals and overall organization and Nap Time Kitchen for deep cleaning tips!

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