Stage 1 (5+ months)

Getting ready to start solids? Our Stage 1 foods are based on pediatrician-recommended guidelines - pure purees of organic fruits and vegetables now that your baby is ready for the brand new world of food!

Stage 1 (5+ months) Products
Magic Velvet Mango Pouch 5+ months

Magic Velvet Mango

The Fairest of Pears Pouch 5+ months

The Fairest of Pears

So Sweet Potato Pouch 5+ months

So Sweet Potato

Baby Bear Butternut Pouch 5+ months

Baby Bear Butternut

5+ Month Variety Pack Pouch 5+ months

5+ Month Variety Pack

“Absolutely love the flavors and quality of products – knowing I’m giving my babies the very best in what they’re eating is one less thing to worry about as their mama.”

– Ginny B.

Stage 2 (7+ months) Products

Stage 2 (7+ months)

By 7 months, your little one may be ready for more adventurous flavors and our Stage 2 blends are just that! Unique recipes with good fats like avocado, flax and hemp seeds set your little ones up for a lifetime of adventurous eating!

Wild Rumpus Avocado Pouch 5+ months

Wild Rumpus Avocado

OhMyMega Veggie! Pouch 5+ months

OhMyMega Veggie!

Mama Bear Blueberry Pouch 5+ months

Mama Bear Blueberry

Green Kale & Apples Pouch 5+ months

Green Kale & Apples

7+ Month Variety Pack Pouch 5+ months

7+ Month Variety Pack

“I love how fresh it is! No loss of nutrients. I only wish I gave my baby this sooner.”

– Carolina M.

Stage 3 (9+ months)

At this point, you may be wondering if you ever had this much energy! With your little on on the move, our Stage 3 foods are textured blends with hearty ingredients to keep them fueled while helping with oral and motor development as well!

Stage 3 (9+ months) Products
Sun-Shiny Strawberry Patch Pouch 5+ months

Sun-Shiny Strawberry Patch

Just Right Oats Pouch 5+ months

Just Right Oats

Gold-y Mango & the 3 Coconuts Pouch 5+ months

Gold-y Mango & the 3 Coconuts

9+ Month Variety Pack Pouch 5+ months

9+ Month Variety Pack

“My one year LOVES all of the flavors. I love that the ingredients are FRESH and no extra ingredients are needed since they arrive cold! I will be using these for a long time. Thank you for making my life easier!”

– Sarah S.

Applesauce for All Products

Applesauce for All

The perfect snack for any age, our applesauce blends are made with whole apples, (peel and all!) and cold-pressed to lock in farm fresh taste and nutrients.

Straight from the Apple Tree Pouch

Straight from the Apple Tree

Apple Blueberry Pouch

Apple Blueberry

Sweet as Apple Pie Pouch

Sweet as Apple Pie

Applesauce Variety Pack Pouch

Applesauce Variety Pack

“I sent the applesauce pack to my dear friends and their kids loved them! I will be ordering more for myself and for other family and friends.”

– Caroline C.


Pediatrician Recommended

Organic Whole Fruits & Veggies

Inspired Recipes

You Might Be Wondering

How long can the food be stored after opening?

If properly refrigerated, our pouches can be consumed right up until the enjoy by date that’s located on the back of the pouch. If your little one decides they only want some of a pouch, you can re-refrigerate the rest for up to three days.

Can I take the pouches on the go?

Yes! They’re easy to take on-the-go and can be left out of the fridge for 4 hours. If traveling for longer than that, the pouches can be carried with an ice pack or they can be frozen and then thawed thoroughly before eating. If frozen and put in lunches, they can also help keep other food cold. To take through TSA, simply designate them as baby food and put them in a separate bin. 

Can I freeze the pouches?

We suggest storing your pouches in the refrigerator, but you can also freeze them for up to 6 months. Just put them in the freezer before the enjoy by date on the back of the pouch and consume them within 24 hours after thawing.

How much food should my little one eat?

We always recommend checking with your baby’s pediatrician if you have any concerns about how much your baby is eating. For the most part, babies will eat when they’re hungry and stop when they’re full, but some babies will eat more than others and it can vary day to day (or hour to hour!). Trust your baby’s signals, but check with your pediatrician if you’re concerned.

Should I spoon feed or feed directly from the pouch?

The great thing about a pouch is that it allows flexibility and convenience while also being eco-friendly. We recommend spoon feeding your little one in the early months. Simply pour some into a bowl or directly onto a spoon. Once they get older and can self-feed, they can eat directly from the pouch.

Do you use any allergens in your products?

Some of our products contain almonds and coconut (coconut is actually a fruit but the FDA treats it as a tree nut as some people may have sensitivities or allergies). We are currently reformulating our Smoothie blends to remove almonds so our products will be nut-free, however some products will still contain coconut so please read the ingredient statement carefully if you have any allergy concerns.

The facility we use processes tree nuts, egg, dairy, and soy. Care is taken to thoroughly clean all equipment in between each product to prevent the carryover of ingredients.


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